If you want a horse to be started, you should give it a deep thought about how you want your horse to respond.
What do you want the horse to be able to do. 
Basically think of a blueprint of how you would like your Horse to develop.

Starting a horse is no different than raising a kid. Showing and presenting the Horse what you'd like him to do and help him figure out how.
That should be done in a way that makes the horse self-confident about himself and his actions.


Sometimes a horse was not in the lucky situation to have been started in a friendly Horse appropriate way. That Horse develops a lot of problems for himself as well as for the Human. The human tends to search for the fault in the Horse.
The fact is, that it is mostly always the fault of a human somewhere in the horse's life... 

I believe that almost all those problems can be avoided by teaching the Horse the way it can understand without pain or immense stress.


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