One of the most common reasons that a horse gets into trouble is the lack of basic skills from the handler. The lack of handling skills can make a horse seem difficult, or “dangerous”. He is most likely just misunderstood by the handler.

The most important thing a person needs to know is, how to be honest with their horse. How to be genuinely fair.

RobertUndCeline1When handling a horse, it is very important to understand how the horse thinks and feels: both physically as well as mentally, and for each individual horse.

If you understand the horse in front of you, you’ll find his reactions are most likely explainable, and if the horse does something you were not expecting, you can also understand why this happened. (and you can also explain reactions that you didn’t expect).

It is an invaluable tool for a horseman to know what to look for in his horse.  It is also a blessing for that equine.

If you know how to respond to a horse and be able to control that horse, you can defuse potentially dangerous situations.

The exercises I give my students, help to give them the correct response naturally and automatically, and with that, they find themselves in sync with the horse they are working with.

The things I try to teach are not a set of tricks, but rather an overall understanding and communication of and between the horse and the handler.