The horsemanship that my father (Karl Trösch +1982) taught me in my very early years, is based on empathy and feel of and for the Horse at that very moment when you’re around him. To him, it was natural and mandatory to treat the horses in a respectful manner like he did.


Back in his living years, the Phrase “Horsemanship” or “natural Horsemanship” was unknown in Europe. 
The way he taught me to behave around horses and to respect them as a fellow living being was very often rediculed as being not rough enough. Still he showed me that it is better to think for myself and decide what seems best to me...  


I like to call the ways, my dad taught me, 
“Quality Horsemanship” just to distinguish his/my ways from the mass of "tricks and systems" that are available nowadays.

In a nutshell, Quality horsemanship is a philosophy which consists of communicating, respect, educating, working and training with the horse in a way the horse is able to learn and understand at his own pace.

Guiding the horse through the process of learning instead of forcing him...