Quality Horsemanship is a way of interacting / communicating with the horse so that it becomes possible to create a win-win situation for both the man and the horse. Fact is, that we humans force the horse into our world and with that in an environment that is not natural for a horse. So we are responsible for the health, security and mental balance of that horse.

Celine in the Sun 2008This responsibility means, of course, one has to be able to safely lead the horse, to handle, and drive without any risk to humans or the horse. However, this is only possible if the horse accepts humans as a capable and trustworthy leader.

This leadership, however, is only possible if the horse trusts his human. In which we return to the responsibility of the good Horseman. Here we come to the point to which I think, many problems show up. Leadership is often misinterpreted by man. With us humans, leadership is often based on authority. Horse’s way of leadership is based on the trust abilities of the leader. If this trust is not met or even broken, the leadership will be lost.

Hooking On

To correctly and fairly handle a horse, it is necessary to understand the language of the horse.

Because the horse rarely communicates vocally and mostly using body language, it is important to know how this language looks like. So it is essential to be able to see the horse's language and to be able to correctly interpret it.

Educating/training using quality Horsemanship, comes down to that the horse learns to perform the desired actions without the need to create a "life-threatening" situation for the horse.

A horse, just like humans, cannot learn in panic, anxiety or in pain...