The love I have for horses and dogs started early in my childhood. Like every human being, I faced countless challenges where the question arose: do I take the easy way, or do I take the right way


Of course, it was always very tempting to follow the mainstream and take the easy way out. But the few times I did that, the result was never what I hoped for. It never felt as if I had done the right thing.

It was my father who gave me the morals and fundamentals to develop my horsemanship techniques. My father taught me to think before I act. He taught me to only speak if I knew what I was talking about...

The more mature I became, the more I understood his teachings and was able to apply this/his (life)philosophy.

Celine Head (Small)

Dad tried to teach me to look into the horse instead of at the horse. He showed me where and what to look for.
This is how he showed me how to understand horses. He urged me to help those that are asking to learn.

I feel that my Father’s philosophies, teachings and the experience I have gathered myself through the years,
should be shared with others that are interested.

I can’t fix the world, but probably will be able to help the horse in front of me….


© - Robert Trösch