Wild France

Highest Mountain of the Var (2) (Medium)

A spontaneous trip to the highest Mountain of the Var

Highest Mountain of the Var (6) (Medium)

Waking up with a burning desire that we both share, we started the day with the question... "What do we want to see today?

So my Navigator set out the road for the highest Mountain in the Var

The need for freedom and space pointed us today out to MONT LACHENS

But we didn't take the easy way up...

We went kind of off-road...

We had to drive very careful

With a few Breaks of course

The views were amazing and we enjoyed every second

Until we reached the Top possible by driving the Van

We continued on foot to reach the summit

and felt the updraft wind from the Mountain


And finally the very summit....

On the way back home...

Everybody was tired...